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With this non-profit iniative we are aiming at bringing attention of top-quality education consultants and recruitment agencies to Russian education providers in order to boost the numbers of international students studying in Russia. Acting in line with the Russian Education National Project we conservatively estimate that over 300,000 international students will come to study in Russia through this marketing channel by 2025.  

EEC is here to carefully nurture the vital link between Russian education providers and world's leading student recruiters. We deliver dedicated online and offline business events for both parties on key topics, i.e.:

  • Code of Conduct on the Russian Education Market;

  • Market orientation for international student recruiters;

  • Legal and financial issues of international agency contracts;

  • Scholarship opportunities to study in Russia.

EEC invites international student recruitment companies to pass through its certification process in order to be able to provide the best advice to potential students of Russian universities.

NB: It is a prerequisite for all certified student recruiters to strictly follow the London Statement.


RCA August release is out now!

Agency Certification


We provide the cutting-edge agency certification program helping significantly increase the number of international students in Russia by ensuring that potential candidates make their decisions based on comprehensive and unbiased information on studying in Russia including Russian academic traditions, living conditions, and future career opportunities.

International student recruiters wishing to join our certification procedure will be handed out with training materials and invited to take part in a series of 3 webinars completing this every training session with certification test.

The training materials can be accessed online at Please register to get access to the system.

Certified student recruiters will receive certificates, will be able to use credentials of EEC for their marketing purposes and use the EEC Certified Agency logo.

Please inquire for more details.

Register of Agencies



EEC is a public registrar of international recruitment companies (i.e., education consultants, student recruitment agencies, immigration agencies, etc.) certified to work with Russian universities. 

The Register of Certified Agencies (RCA) is required to build strong relations and trust between education providers and student recruiters. RCA will be made available to Russian universites online. RCA will be constantly updated both in terms of addition of new certified student recruitment companies and feedback from Russian education providers.

Additionally, RCA will be made available on government resources for potential students looking for opportunities to study in Russia in order for them to make sure that they will receive high-quality service and proper paperwork will be done.

Please inquire for more details.

Annual Evaluation



EEC evaluates activities of RCA members on annual basis and therefore requires international student recruiters to meet certain standards of work. 

On annual basis, every certified agency is evaluated against several criteria, i.e.:

  • Meeting the Code of Conduct;

  • Meeting the minimum number of enrolled students;

  • Participation in regular training events.

EEC Board is responsible for dealing with complaints made against EEC Certified Agencies and is authorized to make decisions on suspension of their certified status.

Please inquire for more details.

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