Partnership Program


Having accumulated substantial knowledge and experience in international education we are constantly looking for building strong ties with new partners. We expect that every partnership will contribute to boosting international education across all regions of Russia involving all industries related to serving international students.

We invite local governments, communities, corporations, SMEs to find out how international students can contribute to their sustainable growth. Top-prioity matters are:

  • Scholarship opportunities;

  • Accomodation options;

  • Career development;

  • Community services.





Opportunity to get funding often plays crucial role in decision making process which is especially true for international students travelling overseas to study and build their careers.

Besides government scholarship opportunities there are many kinds of other financial support tools like special-purpose financing, loans, etc.

Please get in touch with us if your organization provides fundraising opportunities for international students.




Accomodation is one of the key factors influencing international students experience. EEC supports constantly updated database of accomodation options available for students across Russia.

Please get in touch with us if you administer hostel facilities or a dormitory and look for hosting international students. Our experts will check if your property is suitable for hosting international students and give you advice on how to make it compatible to certain standards of living.

Accomodation facilities approved by EEC will be made available to international students and universities across Russia.




If your company works or gets ready to work with international markets you can consider selecting the best of international students from your region and nurture them as your future team members working for you in Russia, in their home countries, or anywhere in the world.

Big advantages of international students are fluent proficiency in at least one foreign language, high level of personal motivation, and ability to settle in different cultural environments. 

Please contact us if you are ready to provide internship opportunites for international students in your region or community.

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