In order to support the federal project on increasing the number of international students studying in Russian universities EEC is currently developing its Sustainable Development Plan 2025 (SDP25)

International student recruitment is a comprehensive business that requires coordinated interaction between different sectors. We have identified the following sectors that have strong growth potential and thus require special attention and have to be carefully nurtured:

  • Small and Medium Regional Universities;

  • Industry-specific Higher Education Institutions;

  • Private Higher Education Institutions;

  • Student Housing and Accommodation;

  • University's International Departments Professionals.

We invite you to join us in this fascinating journey of taking over the global leadership on global education market.


Niche Universities



Apart from the leading Russian universities that have been selected to drive the Russian Education National Project there is a large batch of universities that are in a focus of our attention. These universities can be divided in the following categories:


  • Small and medium regional universities;

  • Industry-specific universities;

  • Private higher education institutions.

Though having many differences between each other they have one very important thing in common. It is their enormous export potential.


We group them together as niche universities and conduct research on building suitable international recruitment strategies for them dividing them further by specific features.

Student Housing



Considering accomodation as one of the main factors influencing international students experience we conduct research on improving this component of living conditions.

Specific goals of our research are:

  • Identifying acceptable standards and criteria of student accomodation;

  • Ranging available accomodation options against the criteria;

  • Providing universities and internatinoonal students with reliable information on available accomodation options across Russia.

Export Capacity



Every university looks for opportunities to attract international student and substantially invests in international marketing and promotion. However not all universities are 100% ready to accept international students.


EEC provides help with both initial and in-depth peer reviews of current status of working with international students against may criteria including:

  • Sufficiency of qualified personnel;

  • Availability of English-taught degree programs;

  • Standards of accomodation facilities; etc.

We invite universities to take part in our training events and dedicated workshops in order to develop their export capacity and contribute to development of their regions and communities.

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